The Arts Agency Arts Consultancy

Visual Arts

The Arts Agency Director has considerable experience working in the visual arts and in programming art galleries.

He has shown exhibitions of work by artists such as Matisse, Damien Hirst, and Goya, as shown above, to cutting edge contemporary digital installations, to curating exhibitions of work by new and emerging artists, such as hip hop artist Steve Jones, to creatively engaging with local artists and communities.

Indeed, we specialise in getting you the best new and emerging artists before anyone else does. Indeed two of the Winers of the prestigious ’Threadneedle Prize’ (described by the BBC as “the rival to the Turner Prize”) in the last four years were artists Andrew Buchanan first exhibited when they were completely unknown young artists.

Our service for you can range from simply finding the right artists for what you want, to producing the whole package - curating exhiibitions, producing interpretative materials, catalogues, posters, and invitations, both in print and also websites and eleaflets. And we will do this a lot cheaper than you think.