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Hannah Finlater

I first exhibited work by this young American painter in 2005, and again in a solo exhibition in 2007. Her work has been shown in the USA, Europe and the UK, and she is now based in Europe.

Hannah Finlator’s detailed figurative work employs the tradition and techniques of panel painting prevalent in early painting from the 12th to the 16th centuries. She says she is influenced by sixteenth century painters Catherine van Hemessen (1582 - c.1587) and Sofonisba Anguissolo (1532? - c.1625) to whom her work also refers.

While the strong figurative elements are based on people she knows, their relationship with the landscape is ambiguous. But both elements comes together in an intimate and yet enigmatic narrative of people and places, beautifully painted on gesso panels.

Text by Andrew Buchanan
Image Copyright remains with the Artist at all times

'Double Portrait' by Hannah Finlater
‘’Boy Holding Chessboard’ by Hannah Finlater

'Standing Woman' by Hannah Finlater

'Standing Boy' by Hannah Finlater

'Dune Woman' by Hannah Finlater

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